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First time visitor or returning for services, you can learn more about each of our free services below. Click the blue button to schedule any service. Walk-in service are offered, when available, too.

HIV/STD Testing

Testing is always confidential. We use rapid tests for HIV and Hepatitis C, and have your lab results back within days for syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia testing.

PrEP Wellness Clinic

We can help you get started, whether you have insurance or not.

Ryan White Case Management

A case manager helps you work through the bureaucracy, address life challenges, and stay on track with your care plan.

Linkage Specialist

Our Linkage Specialists will get you set up for your treatment, help with translation and advocacy, and stay in tough to help you reach your treatment goals.


Custom tailored to your interests, learn more by video, Pop Facts, or a free session.

Peer Leadership, Support and Wellness Groups

Check our event calendar to join any of our groups, find support, learn skills, and make new friends. We host various social groups across all four locations.


COVID-19, monkeypox, meningitis, hepatitis A & B, and HPV.

Find Community Here!

Find community here!: Dance lessons, game nights, picnics, kayaking, painting classes, yoga, museum trips, or beach days, more! Which program is right for you?

Broward Youth Services for gay Latinos 18-29
Health & Culture for gay guys of all ages in both counties.

Life Coaching

A free service offered to guys living with HIV. Free, confidential sessions to help your meet your treatment goals.

What's the difference between PrEP & PEP

PrEP "Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis"

Short for "pre-exposure prophylaxis," PrEP is an HIV prevention strategy in which HIV-negative people take an oral pill once a day before coming into contact with HIV to reduce risk of HIV infection. PrEP must be taking for at least 7 days to reach optimal levels of protection against HIV.

PEP "Post-Exposure Prophylaxis"

Short for"post-exposure prophylaxis". Officially, PEP can help if started within 72 hours after HIV exposure. But the newest research shows almost all of the protection disappears after 48 hours, so if you think you've had an exposure, reach out to our staff right away!

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