About Us

Latinos Salud was founded in 2008 to create a safe space for Latino gay guys and their partners to find friends, support, and resources. Our 19 staff members hail from Colombia, Chile, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, Haiti, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Turkey, and Venezuela. Whether they’re meeting one-on-one or staging a community event, our staff members work to make a stronger community!

There’s also a very serious purpose behind all of our works here.

· Miami-Dade ranks first in the nation in its rate of new HIV infections, and Broward ranks second. [1]

· Combined, Miami-Dade and Broward have some 4 million residents, 43,738 of whom are living with HIV/AIDS. [2]

· Miami-Dade’s population is 65% Latino, Broward’s 25%. Half of Miami-Dade’s population is foreign born, and 60% speak Spanish at home. For Broward, 32% are foreign born, and 22% speak Spanish at home. [3]

· The Florida Department of Health estimates that 199,000 gay men live in these two South Florida counties, with Latino gay men accounting for 67,875 of the total. [4]

Our programs give guys the skills they need to stay safe from HIV, or to live healthier with HIV.

Broward Office (954) 765-6239 (extensions for staff shown below)

Miami Beach Office (305)397-8967

Kendall Office   (786) 801-1803

Meet Our Staff


Wilton Manors

(954) 765-6239

Jose Javier

Broward Health Programs Manager

Ext 204 Email me


Obed Caballero

Navigation Services and Social Media Coordinator

Ext 208 Email me


Greggory Timmer

Broward Linkage and PrEP Navigator

Ext 208 Email me


Vanessa Rodriguez

Ryan White Case Manager

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Vincent Lau Chan

Broward Data and Outreach Specialist

Ext Email me


Okan Gunay, Esq

Operations and Ryan White Coordinator

Ext 206 Email me


Martinis Coleman

Field Based Outreach and MPowerment Assistant

Ext 207 Email me


Mikael Kiezer

Testing Programs Coordinator

Ext 201 Email me


Alejandro Acosta

Linkage Specialist & Ryan White Peer Counselor

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Borja Hazza

HIV/STD Testing Assistant and Outreach Worker

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Miami Beach

(305) 397-8967

Victor Gonzalez

Miami Program Coordinator

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Omar Valdez

Miami Outreach Worker

Ext 201 Email me


Orlando Sosa

Miami Linkage Specialist and Life Coach

Ext 201 Email me


Yoel Moreno

Miami Outreach Worker

Ext 202 Email me


Raphael Rivera

Miami Outreach Worker

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(786) 801-1803

Jonathan Medina

Health Program Manager

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Andres Sosa

Miami Outreach Worker

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Nicholas Ferrera

Life Coach

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Alejandro Suarez

Miami Outreach Worker

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Andre Ampudia

Miami Outreach Worker

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(786) 801-1803

Rafaelé Narváez

Director of Health Programs

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Dr Stephen Fallon

Executive Director

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1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. HIV Surveillance Report, 2013; vol. 25. http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/library/reports/surveillance/ . Published February 2015.
2. Florida Department of Health, HIV/AIDS Epidemiology, Partnership 10 and 11, as of 06/30/2014, slide s 22 and 33 for each set. http://www.floridahealth.gov/diseases-and-conditions/aids/surveillance/_documents/partnership-slide-sets/2013/Part10_13.pdf
3. U.S. Census. Broward County, and Miami-Dade County, S1601, and S1601.
4. Spencer Lieb, MPH, et al. “Estimates of the Numbers of Injection Drug Users And Men Who Have Sex with Men: An Adaptable Model.” National HIV Prevention Conference, Atlanta, July 28, 2003. Figures updated to current population growth and portion Latino.